July 6, 2022

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6 Tips to Finding a Job in Sweden After Your Studies

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Sweden is one of the best countries with favorable working conditions in Europe. Many international students who graduate from Swedish universities wish to stay and work in the country.

In this article, I shall share some of my tips for finding a job after your studies in Sweden; 

  1. Research 

Unless you have attained the highest level of education, chances of anyone receiving lucrative job positions are quite low. Therefore, you need to be armored with your job research tools. 

There are many sources online that can help you narrow down job positions that best suits your education and your skills. 

Be on the lookout for job opportunities online. Try to localize your search engine to find jobs that are located within Sweden to better your chances of finding one. 

Some websites such as Blocket Jobb have made it simple to help job seekers in Sweden find job opportunities that match their education and skills qualification. 

However, don’t jump right in give out your contact information or filling out forms without first confirming the legitimacy of their services. 

Read independent reviews from Omdomesstalle.se. Look about what other customers have to say about the company and whether or not their services are impressive. 

After, getting our research done, you then have to look at what you are presenting to your potential employer.

  1. Localize your resume 

A resume plays an important part in getting a job. It normally outlines your past job experience and educational qualifications. 

You can localize your resume by having it in Swedish language or English where applicable. 

Go your way to expand your academic qualifications by enrolling in short-term courses or try finding smaller jobs about your career path. 

  1. Find internship opportunities 

Internship opportunities are not just for academia or to complete a certain course requirement. It goes beyond that.

Internships help diversify your knowledge and practice in the particular field you expect to work in. 

Many students shy away from internships mainly because of the little to zero pay. However, there is not always the case there are many internship opportunities that pay a considerable amount of money. 

It is also quite easy to be absorbed by an organization or a company after an internship with the same company. 

This is mainly because companies would rather have someone you know already know you are over how things are done other than to have to train or have someone on a short-term contract.

  1. Attend career fairs and conferences 

Online you will find many job fairs and conferences in which people gather to interact and air out job opportunities.

Job fairs are the perfect opportunity for networking with different employers. 

These job fairs are often organized by career services in universities or student unions. 

Utilize career seminars and events during my time at university and this will expose you to potential employers. 

It may not end up in you getting a job with a particular employer but it will expand your knowledge on the sort of companies that we want to hire you. 

It will save you time to narrow down companies to send your job applications to. 

  1. Be open for short term work 

Some employers are not ready to hire long-term workers and may want to have them in a short period of work to test their competencies.

Short-term work will not only provide an income stream for you but also will add to the list of your job experience which will better your chances of winning future jobs.

Good performance during your time as a short-term employee may make your employer consider you for a long period of employment. 

You will also have time to decide whether or not the area of work you’re in is fulfilling and something you don’t want to settle for as you progress in your career.

  1. Be patient

Sometimes you may have done everything in your capacity to find a job but nothing is coming through. 

This is where an important life skill comes in, patience.

Patience does not mean sitting around and waiting for a job offer to come your way but it involves taking further job-seeking actions while waiting for one to go through. 

You can also take this time to continue building your resume. There are some part-time Swedish online courses you can enroll in to gain more knowledge or expand your knowledge in your current career field.

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