How to Get Audio Interviews Transcribed


A person of the excellent techniques of escalating the value of your audio interview is to have it transcribed.

 That’s mainly because men and women discover in distinctive strategies. I know a ton of my shoppers appreciate to pay attention to the interviews that I have done with the a variety of copywriting and marketing authorities.  But I also know that some are large viewers.  And some folks like the two.

They’ll hear one thing they like on the job interview, perhaps when they are on the highway or out jogging, and want to make a note of it somehow afterwards.  So to support them out, I try out to give a transcript of the interview where ever attainable.

Now transcription can be a extremely high priced provider.  I know some folks cost as considerably as $100 an hour to transcribe an hour of audio. That is in excess of a buck and a fifty percent for every minute. 

 I imagine the cheapest and very possibly the most effective way to get your interviews transcribed is to go to put up a career on a support company internet site like

Elance is like E-bay for services companies.  If you’ve received a position that desires to be done, you can submit it on Elance, and within a few of days, you’ll have a record of folks who are keen to do the work for you, at different costs.

 The lady who transcribes my interviews rates about $60 for just about every hour of audio interview I give her.  I have shopped other companies but I discover for sheer good quality of output, she’s the most effective. She’s now been with me for about 6 several years and so I consider her part of my group. 

If you happen to be intrigued in producing large price products derived from conducting audio interviews, I suggest buying all-around on Elance right up until you come across a provider you come to feel comfortable working with.

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