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Hybrid Solar Energy Solutions: What You Need to Know

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You must have heard about the term “Hybrid solar energy” somewhere and must be asking yourself “What is hybrid solar?” or “What is a hybrid power unit?”. You might have been interested in solar power and gravitate towards the idea of completely being removed from the grid, but if you want to do that, you have to make sure you have a backup power source or else it would be hard to have the electricity you need. Here is everything you need to know about hybrid solar energy solutions.

What are hybrid power solutions?

Hybrid power plant solutions are energy power plants that combine two power generation sources together in order to make a more reliable power supply. They combine two different power sources, like the wind and the solar photovoltaic with engines or they have the generators run by diesel fuel and combine them together so if one power source breaks or does not bring enough power, you could rely on the other one to work.

How much does a hybrid solar system cost?

Most homes in the United States can use 6kW solar systems and the average cost of it as of April 2020 is about an average of $12,654 after paying the federal tax credit. The cost will really be based on your home state, contractor costs, and the amount of power you use in your homes. The backup battery is what really puts the price up higher, which typically costs around $8,000 or more, depending on what kind you buy and this would have to be replaced every 10 years.

What are the advantages of a hybrid system?

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

Comparing the maintenance cost between the hybrid solar energy system and the traditional generators that use diesel as fuel, the hybrid solar system costs less since no fuel is used and they do not require frequency servicing.

  1. Load Management

Hybrid solar energy systems manage load accordingly compared to traditional generators who provide high power as soon as they are turned on. The hybrid solar system can adjust to the energy supply, depending on the devices that they are connected to. 

  1. High Efficiency

The hybrid solar systems do not waste any fuel, since most don’t need one in the first place, and they work efficiently in all types of conditions. You could adjust them as needed.

  1. Continuous Power Supply

Having a hybrid solar power system allows you to have power continuously without any interruptions because the batteries are connected to the power sources, storing energy you could use in case of emergency. If there are electrical outages, you have the batteries to lean on and it provides backup.

The batteries are also there for the night time, in case there is no sun and energy being generated, the batteries are there to provide back-up so you have power during the time you need them the most.

  1. Utilize the Renewable Sources in the Best Way Possible

If you have a lot of possible power sources, like the sun, wind, or maybe even running water, you could take advantage of nature’s blessing by using them for energy. Since the batteries are also connected to the system itself and stores extra energy, there would be no waste in the energy that was generated on bright sunny days. 

Since you are going to be using the batteries at night, you get to store more energy during the day, hence the balance is maintained.

What are the disadvantages of a hybrid system?

  1. The Number of Instruments Connectable are Limited

It depends on your system, but most of the time, the number of devices that you could connect to your hybrid solar energy system could be limited.

  1. Complicated Controlling Process

The system requires more knowledge since you are going to be working with different types of energy sources . The operation in the different energy sources are also different, the way they both interact and the way they both coordinate must be controlled, making it a bit more complicated.

  1. High Installation Cost

The initial investment for the installation is high compared to just a normal solar system, but you could get your money back with the maintenance since the maintenance cost is low.

  1. Less Battery Life

If the battery is often exposed to natural elements like the heat and the rain, the batteries that are connected may have a lower battery life.

Despite all these disadvantages, the advantages still outweigh them. If you are interested in switching to hybrid solar energy solutions, you could go check Jackson solar energy solutions out for the best and most trustworthy service.

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