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The SWTOR Jedi Councillor Class And Advancements

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The Jedi Consular

The Councillors are the defenders of the Galactic Republic. They have vivid and graceful movements in battle. They are the result of their training and meditation. Although beautiful, it could make an ugly scene of the enemy. These defenders typically fall into roles like tanks, healers, ranged, melee or DPS. To keep the fluidity of their movements and swift speed, the consulates class uses light armor bought by Swtor credits

The Weapons:

They use force-based abilities in combination with their weapons. These weapons include single sage or double-bladed shadow lightsabers, training sabers and vibroswords. With this range of weapons, the most commonly used by most defenders are the double-bladed shadow lightsabers. A skilled veiling of this weapon allows the Jedi Councillors to cut down the enemy with precision. 

The Jedi Councillors fight with great control over the force, manipulating them to disable or even permanently destroy their foes. They not only can detect any disturbances in the force but also can create them. These abilities allow them to destroy their enemy by using entire projected walls of forces. Their meditation and training help them keep in mind how the force connects all things. And they use this knowledge to hurl enemies through the air and slam them into things, regardless of their sizes. 

Advanced Classes:

The Councillors branch out into two advanced classes of either Jedi Sage or Jedi Shadow. These names are much like their swords, and each of these advanced Classes uses either of them, as one might have guessed. One would have to pick either of these paths eventually. And it is better to make the decision sooner with one’s playing style in mind. After all, one cannot change it after the selection of an advanced class. These are features of the two classes described below: 

Jedi Sage: 

  • The Jedi Sage uses single-bladed lightsabers. And they can fit in the roles of a ranged DPS attacker or a healer.
  • They are much famed for their powerful defensive skills, wisdom and strong healing abilities. 
  • The wisdom of a Jedi Sage brings lots of insights on how elements from the last would change the tide of war and bring forth different events to come in the future.

Jedi Shadow:

  • As one may have guessed, the Jedi Shadow uses double-bladed lightsabers. They can fit the role of a DPS melee or a tank. 
  • Being stealthy and having precise moves and attacks to deal lethal damage to their opponents, they are a force to be reckoned with like eso gold.
  • With the strong control and accuracy of melee combat and the control of the force, they strike their foes with a deadly attack, lethally. 

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