July 5, 2022

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Tips on how to control your Security and Finance Online Business

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Tips on how to control your Security and Finance Online Business

If you run an online business like The Neat Company, you may feel like you have a heavyweight on your back. Digital information theft is more cancerous than physical theft 1Password theft is currently one of the most fraudulent acts in the 21st century. Scammers, hackers and identity thieves are on the rampage looking for which online business to devour. Therefore if you run a business online, you need to put up some security measures to secure your finances and valuable information against the activities of these unscrupulous elements.

Here are some tips that will help you out

Secure your Smartphone

As a business owner, you need to handle your smartphone carefully. Because it lies all our personal information and access points/links to your business/company network. Along with the added productivity and convenience, smartphones have blessed us with some heightened security risks. They can be hacked, or stolen and this can be really disastrous because your credit card information and passwords may be stored inside. Therefore you need to secure your smartphones by installing anti-theft trackers so that when your phone gets stolen, it can be tracked and recovered.

Use strong passwords

You must use strong passwords across your handles and accounts. Use complex passwords that will not be easy to guess. This may be inconvenient for you sometimes, but that is the only way you can prevent any potential network crash or data breach. Once you create this killer password to secure all your handles and accounts, you also need to keep the password safe.

Control your keys

One of the steps you must take to secure your finances, and personal information from the activities of hackers and scammers is to have an enforceable and up-to-date key control policy. You can get so engrossed paying more attention to high-tech threats that you forget that these metal keys are also vulnerable points of attack. Do you have man doors in your warehouse or physical facility which can be accessed by keys? How about your file room or server room? Do you have a highly expensive inventory protected by lock and key? If that is the case, use an alarming system on those doors. This will help prevent unpleasant occurrences.

Erase your Hard Drives

Before you dispose of your old computer or copy machine, make sure you delete all personal information on the hard drive; in fact, you can format the hard drive completely. A trashed computer is like a gold mine for data and identity thieves and hackers. Most people do not realize that their office copier stores documents on the hard drive until they are overwritten. Therefore if you don’t take precautionary measures to ensure that all personal information is erased, you may be opening the door to a security and data breach.

Develop a social media Policy

Email and other social media platforms have created their own category of security concerns. These technologies are set in place to make information dissemination easier. Therefore once this information leaves your network, it is difficult to recall it back. Your customized email policy should address content for your company’s social media and email pages. You must assume the ideology that nothing stays private on the internet.

There are many more tips you can adopt to secure your finances and personal information online, but with these ones, you’re good to go.

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